Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Terms & Conditions


The Mumayizat Card is available in Oman only. The Card is not a credit card or a charge card; nor is it a debit card linked to a current account. It is a privilege member card which means that the card must be shown to a merchant in order to validate membership discounts at the time of purchase. Once, one Business Day has elapsed from the date of registration, cardholders can use the Card to claim discounts, privilege and rewards at Participating Retailers. The Card is issued by Al Mumayaz Group LLC and is subject to these terms and conditions.


  • “Agreement” means the agreement between you and us, which includes these terms and conditions.
  • “Business Day” means any day from Sunday to Thursday excluding public holidays.
  • “Card” means the Mumayizat Privilege Card, a virtual e-wallet or a physical card used to validate privilege membership issued to you by us.
  • “Card Transaction” means any transaction whereby the Card is used for validation discounts/privileges for goods and/or services at Participating Retailers.
  • “Mumayizat”, “We” (or “we”) or “us” means Al Mumayaz Group LLC whose office is at  1-F3, Coral Building, Al Khuwair, Muscat and any business or other person to whom any or all our rights and responsibilities under this Agreement may be transferred or delegated.
  • “Participating Retailer”, “Trade-partner” means a supplier/merchant of goods and/or services in the Sultanate of Oman which has agreed to accept the Card as a means to provide discount/privilege for goods and/or services. A list of participating retailers can be found on www.mumayizat.com
  • “Programme Partner”, “Corporate Partner” means a corporate body or organisation that purchased the Mumayizat Card.
  • “Valid Thru” means the period within which the physical Card is operational and ends on the Valid Thru date. (A replacement Card will be required to continue benefiting from the Card after this date.)
  • “Website” means the Mumayizat website www.mumayizat.com
  • “You” (or “you”) and “Your” (or “your”) means the person who registered themselves to the Card or the person in possession of the Card from time to time who has been gifted the Card by the purchaser.

Contact Details

For lost, stolen or in-active cards and queries or disputes relating to previous transactions: +968 97297300 or 80006666

Mumayizat does not charge a fee for text messaging service. While we do not charge for this service, we are not responsible for any charges from your service provider that may result from our providing this service. It is your responsibility to check with your individual carrier, as standard messaging and data rates may apply. Alternatively our website has online help-line and chat support for all queries.


  1. The use of the Card is subject to the terms of this Agreement as may be varied by us from time to time. The current version of this Agreement is available on the Website. Purchase and or use of the Card constitutes your acceptance of it.
  1. The Card is personalised; meaning the cardholder’s name will appear on the Card.
  1. The Card will normally be available for use within one Business Day from the date of registration; the Card may not be used in the intervening period.
  2. The virtual card/e-wallet can be downloaded on your devices through a link that will be sent your email after the registration.
  3. You may use the Card, in accordance with any instructions issued by us from time to time. The benefit to you from the Card is subjected to individual Trade-partners privilege schemes.


You must:

(a) take all reasonable care and precaution in the custody of the Card and keep your Card safe

(b) keep your transaction receipts safe and dispose of them carefully and

(c) never give your Card number or any other Card information to anyone unless you know who they are and why they need such information.

(d) do not share any screen-shots of your e-wallet or recreate your physical Card.


We reserve the right at all times to introduce new terms and/or to vary or amend an existing term (including, without limitation, change the existing fees or introduce new fees) by giving you at least two months’ notice thereof on the Website or by whatever means we, in accordance with applicable legislation, deem appropriate at that time. You will be deemed to have accepted such revised Agreement, unless you tell us that you do not agree to the change prior to the change taking effect. In such circumstance, your rejection of the change shall be treated as notification that you wish to terminate this Agreement.


  1. The Card belongs to us. We may, at our reasonable discretion and without prior notice to you, restrict the use or operation of the Card in circumstances where:
  • you are in breach of this Agreement
  • we have reasonable grounds to suspect unauthorised use of the Card, fraud, theft or dishonesty; or
  • we have any legal, regulatory or other objectively justifiable reason.

In such circumstances, we will be entitled to take such steps as we consider reasonably necessary to:

  • block the use or operation of the Card;
  • refuse to allow or authorise a Card Transaction;
  • suspend, restrict or terminate your right to use the Card;
  • withdraw the Card; or
  • refuse to replace the Card.

Where we take any such steps, we will notify you and give our reasons for doing so as soon as we are permitted to do so when you contact us. Where the Card is blocked, and you believe it may be because of the circumstances above please contact us on 80006666 and we will advise you as to how the block may be removed or will issue you with a replacement Card (if after our investigation we believe the relevant circumstances which described above no longer apply).

  1. You must not use the Card:

(a) after any notification of its withdrawal is given to you;

(b) once the Card expires;

(c) with outlets that are not our Trade-partners.


The Card can be used for Discounts/Privileges in The Sultanate of Oman only; the Card may not be used abroad.


  1. In the case that a Trade-partner does not give the agreed discount/privilege, and as a result you had to pay the entire amount (price before discount/privilege), then you may at any time request reimbursements by calling us on 80006666 or by filling a simple form on https://mumayizat.com/reimbursement-policy/.
  1. In order to allow reimbursements on the failed Card Transactions, we will refund the amount to you by bank transfer to your bank account. The reimbursement amount is subject the bill amount. We could either reimburse whole amount or only the discount amount.
  1. If you wish for a reimbursement, you may be required to submit receipt/bill to us for purposes of identification and investigation. The complaint must be lodged within 3 days of the bill date.
  1. We will reimburse the amount after investigating the case and taking corrective measures. The reimbursements will be processed with in 7 working days of lodging the complaint.
  1. The reimbursement process will not apply to merchants that are not our Trade-partners or not listed on our website. The reimbursement process will also not apply if the Card is not honoured as result of technical or operational difficulties.

The reimbursement process will only apply if a listed Trade-partner fails to give the agreed Discount/Privilege to cardholder, where there is no technical and operational difficulties.


  1. You should treat the Card as if it were your ID. If the Card is lost, damaged or fails to operate correctly or if the Card details becomes known to any unauthorised person you must immediately notify Customer Services (details below).  You must quote the name and user-name. The confirmation of your oral notification will done through a form in your email.
  1. Recreation of the Card in any form apart from the e-wallet and physical card obtained from the genuine registration process is deemed as, misuse of the Card. Any misuse of the card will result in the cancellation and termination of the Card/Membership.


Mumayizat Cards Center

Coral, 1-F3, Al Khuwair,

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Telephone: +968 97297300

TOLL FREE 80006666


  1. You have a right to cancel your Card and thereby this Agreement without reason and without being charged any fee.
  1. You can terminate this Agreement at any time by notifying us.
  1. We can terminate this Agreement for any reason by giving you at least 2 weeks’ notice on the Website or by whatever means we, in accordance with applicable legislation, deem appropriate at that time.


  1. It will be necessary in all cases for a Participating Retailer to validate our membership Cards through BrandWallet app to honour the discount/privilege disbursement. This is to authenticate genuine Mumayizat Cardholders and track the activities, such that malpractices can be avoided.
  1. A Participating Retailer may not be able to obtain authorisation from us in some circumstances (for example, technical issue with the app or updating the database). If this happens, we will not be responsible if you are unable to use the Card for a particular transaction. However you can notify us, and we could reward/upgrade your membership.
  1. If a Participating Retailer becomes liable to make an exchange/refund to you, we will not interfere in this process; refunds are a matter between you and the relevant Participating Retailer.
  1. The list of Participating Retailers may change from time to time and retailers listed may withdraw from the programme at any time. A list of currently Participating Retailers is available on the Website.


  1. By purchasing the Card and using it, you agree that we can use your personal data in accordance with Our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is set out on Our Website, it includes details of the personal data that we collect, how it will be used, and who we pass it to.
  1. We collect and process personal data (such as name, address and e-mail address) when you register the Card online. We use this data to activate your Card(s). We may also collect such personal data when you contact us in order for us to assist with a query about the Card you hold or to process a Card activation request and use.
  1. We will only share your personal data with third parties and with other companies in the Al Mumayaz Group in order to provide Card activation and customer contact centre services on our behalf.
  1. You explicitly consent to us accessing, processing and retaining any information you provide to us for the purposes of facilitating discounts and privileges. This does not affect any rights and obligations you or we have under data protection legislation.


  1. The accounts and records kept by us or on our behalf shall, in the absence of an obvious error, constitute sufficient evidence of any facts or events relied upon by us in connection with any Card Transaction or matter or dealing in relation to the Card.
  2. We may disclose details of the Card to any person acting as its agent in connection with the use or issue of the Card.
  1. All communications under this Agreement will be in English.
  1. We may record or monitor phone calls with you for training purposes, to enable instructions to be verified and to assess whether our service standards are being met.


If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service offered, please contact us on 80006666 or write to us at Email: support@mumayizat.om

Mumayizat Cards Center

Coral, 1-F3, Al Khuwair,

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Telephone: +968 97297300

TOLL FREE 80006666 

We will be pleased to help and explain the complaints procedure in more detail.  We will try and resolve your complaint as soon as possible.  Often however, the complaint will need to be investigated. In most cases we will provide a full response to your complaint within fifteen (15) Business Days after the day on which we receive your complaint.

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