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When we decided to offer our employees the MUMAYIZAT PRIVILEGE CARDS - We were delighted to see the positive feedback from the team. They rated MUMAYIZAT as the best loyalty cards in Oman.

Yasser Al Barami

Group CEO Al Mubbadrah

We were overwhelmed with our recent Instagram Giveaway Promotion with Mumayizat. Having 12K+ interactions - it added a great number of new followers to our social links - Just Amazing


Manager Farzi Cafe

MUMAYIZAT has helped me save a great amount as trainee, I highly recommend Mumayizat to all of you!

Zuweina Zaheer

Interior Designer

My footfall increased with new customers & corporate catering orders after signing up with MUMAYIZAT. It's indeed the best partnership a restaurant can tie-up.

Faiza Al Mazurai

Owner - Savannah BBQ

I have had a 30% increase in patients visits with my special offers on Mumayizat

Dr. Rassaan Sonday

American Chiropractic Clinic

Our employees are thrilled with the benefits of the Mumayizat Cards, relishing new discounts and truly embracing the adage 'saved money is earned money'.

Hessam Afsarzadeh

National Eastway Group

Having signed the MUMAYIZAT PRIVILEGE CARDS merchant partnership; we have developed a great corporate clientele.



As soon as we signed up as a MUMAYIZAT Trade Partner; we were delighted with the marketing support we received from MUMAYIZAT. In addition to our cafe outlets witnessing high footfall.

Bassam Rashid

Operations Head, Caribou Coffee

I am enjoying amazing discounts & privileges the MUMAYIZAT card offers. Moreover I was delighted to win a high value TV in the register & win campaign.

Shahruk Abdul Zalam


I am delighted to be a MUMAYIZAT card holder. It has added excitement to my shopping experience and not to mention I am saving a lot on my purchases.

Chanda Sheikh 

Executive Chef

I got good footfall & orders by being a Trade Partner with MUMAYIZAT- especially after I listed my brand in the Home Decor category.

Kosha Rami

Alaaddin Carpets

On one of my weekend trips, I was totally surprised as well as happy to see a cafe in Bahla offering MUMAYIZAT discounts.

Monisha Vasu

Training Manager

I just love MUMAYIZAT. It's my shopping partner. I get great discounts, unbelievable offers & most of all - a super money saver -



The WIND DOWN & BUZZAAR are an amazing read material. The content is so informative, timely & crisp. Its fun as well as knowledgeable.

Not to mention the new partners offer updates - that's actually my favourite.

Olympia Carlo

Risk Analyst

The MUMAYIZAT experience was interesting and rewarding especially for concise money spenders like I am.

Geethma Sandali

Accounts Manager

MUMAYIZAT - A card of savings & a card of many privileges. I also love the monthly offers.

Krish Kuckian

Graphic Designer

With my family visiting Oman for the summer holiday - I could save more & spend more with MUMAYIZAT.

Abhijeet Suryavanshi

Civil Engineer

I have used the Mumayizat Card on several occasions at my favorite confectionery. I have got discount on every visit, moreover I am very impressed with the swift customer service.

Abdul Rasheed

Marketing Specialist

During my brief internship, receiving a MUMAYIZAT Card has been a delightful experience.

Sanshia Koelmeyer

Trainee Accountant

As a bachelor, I mostly eat out and MUMAYIZAT is indeed a blessing and a great money saver as it includes low budget restaurants also.

Rimon Muhammed

Logistics Executive

I was very lucky to be gifted a MUMAYIZAT card during my short visit to Oman. I actually saved a lot.

Niloofer Malakouti


The MUMAYIZAT scheme totally surprised us with an influx of new & influential corporate clientele. We immediately experienced higher billing per table order by the card holders. Thanks MUMAYIZAT

Khalid Al Suleimani

Owner - Zen Bristo

As an entrepreneur, I've taken strides to amplify my brand's reach, successfully tapping into an extensive network of corporate customers and substantially boosting my sales turnover.

Pashupati Mahadevan

Business Consultant

Mumayizat is a fantastic user friendly app! I would 100% recommend subscribing to Mumayizat to enjoy benefits even in your day to day activities.

Dinethma Raneli Warnakulusuriya

Sr. Interior Designer

We are very excited to partner with MUMAYIZAT Cards. We see this concept as a great platform to attract corporate customers to our clinics. The entire concept is just fantastic.

Stephanie Atallah

Manager - The Beauty Code

MUMAYIZAT has been very generous in sponsoring our exhibitions adding great value to our events.

Mohammed Al Rawahy

Calligrapher & Galleriest

As MUMAYIZAT partners, we've seen a surge in calls, store visits, and potential orders. Proud to be part of the MUMAYIZAT TRADE PARTNER family!

Al Wajahee Al Kindy

Lube & Pavimento

Its was not only a total surprise but a big thrill when my Boss gifted me a MUMAYIZAT Card - It's a big money saver a a happiness card.

Faisal Al Shahwani

Marketing Specialist

MUMAYIZAT is an amazing platform to increase your business without any extra investment. We are indeed very proud to be the partner mall and have encouraged all our outlets to collaborate with MUMAYIZAT

Austin D'Silva

Water Front

My savings have gone up with MUMAYIZAT as I have regular VIP guests to entertain. I see MUMAYIZAT offers savings on a full 360 of lifestyle brands.

Farbod Gonsalvez


My shopping expense have dropped quite a bit and I do enjoy the discounts and privileges offered by Mumayizat – I am lovin' it.

Wichittrah Tanasukarn

Sr. Asian Diplomat

Our newly opened restaurant got great brand attention on the MUMAYIZAT platform as well as repeat customers who choose to repeat their gourmet experience with us.

Mohammed Shahir

Manager - Shrimp Station

I am new to Oman & with MUMAYIZAT I am not only enjoying & saving on my shopping expenses, but also discovering amazing new lifestyle options.

Zahra Yaghoubi

Executive Chef

We have seen our regular as well as new customers expressing great satisfaction with the Mumayizat card discount offer at our gallery.

Kethki Ambekar

Art & Soul Gallery

We arrived in Muscat for a short holiday and were lucky to be gifted the MUMAYIZAT cards.

Surprisingly we were amazed with the savings we made as well as the App has great information on lifestyle choices. MUMAYIZAT is a great experience indeed.

Tasha & Nicole 


I got connected to the corporate circle and invitation to host business events. As a DJ THE MUMAYIZAT sign-up was very beneficial.

Shaz Shethna


My MUMAYIZAT Card gives me great savings on my daily expenses. It's a Card of happiness.

Mohammed Said

Civil Engineer

Our business shot up by 15% after our tie-up with MUMAYIZAT. It also added a new customer flow to our cafe.

Bishal Shrestha


Our partnership with MUMAYIZAT earned us great motivational mileage & excitement with our team members. Honestly, its a great product & apt for the corporate fraternity.

Satya Panda

Administration - Bureau Veritas

The BUZZAAR on MUMAYIZAT is fantastic! Enjoyed every edition, content rivals top intl. mags. Great work!

Warm Tabano


Everytime we head out for a dining outing; we pre-decide our restaurant choice and MUMAYIZAT is our best gourmet guide.

It's not only the discounts, but also the partner listings on the website are so extensive as well as informative.

Mahesh Arora


Its been a wonderful to experience a privilege card with multiple categories, thanks to Mumayizat I get to save more every month!

Abdul Ansar

QA/QC Engineer

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