Kidsprenuers: New kids on the block


The idea of Mad Food Truck originated from the dreams of the youngest daughter, Maya. Since childhood, she harbored the ambition of opening a food truck, a dream that became a reality with the collaborative efforts of her siblings. This family-driven initiative has given rise to a unique culinary adventure with a meaningful mission.

Mad Food Truck, where MAD stands for Make a Difference, is more than just a food truck; it’s a concept built on the foundation of social impact. The innovative approach involves a “meal for a meal” philosophy, where a portion of every meal purchased contributes to funding school meals for underprivileged students in public schools. The partnership with the local charity group Dar al atta and their student sponsorship program makes this vision a reality.


What sets Mad Food Truck apart in the food truck landscape is its distinct USP. In addition to the “meal for a meal” concept, the business has introduced merchandise, creating an additional avenue for fundraising. This dual approach not only satisfies taste buds but also resonates with customers who seek to make a difference through their dining choices.

Anyone and everyone who loves chicken wings and shares a commitment to community welfare becomes a potential patron. The food truck has successfully positioned itself as a hub for those seeking not only a delightful culinary experience but also a way to give back to the community.

The emphasis of Mad Food Truck is not solely on starting a business but, more importantly, on making a positive social impact. The decision to support the children in turning their ideas into reality was driven by the recognition that their venture included a significant social cause.


Mad Food Truck’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) angle extends beyond providing meals. The project opens doors for students aged 15 years and older to volunteer at the food truck. This initiative creates opportunities for these young minds to engage with the community, fostering a sense of responsibility and compassion.

The venture becomes a vehicle for teaching empathy and essential life skills. Through volunteering, these young entrepreneurs learn valuable lessons in time management, organization, and communication skills, setting them on a path to becoming well-rounded individuals. To parents contemplating their children’s dreams and goals, the message is clear: support your children in pursuing their dreams, no matter how unconventional or ambitious they may seem. After all, sometimes the most “MAD” dreams lead to the most profound differences.

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