Jun 01
Spirit of Summer

Summer Skin Care Essentials: Protecting Your Skin in the Sun As the sun shines brighter and temperatures rise, our skin faces increased exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, making a summer-specific skincare routine essential. Keeping your skin healthy and radiant during the hottest months of the year requires a focus on protection, hydration, and proper skin […]

May 01
The Power of Humor

The Healing Power of Laughter: Science Behind a Natural Medicine Laughter, often hailed as the best medicine, possesses a remarkable ability to heal both mind and body. Beyond its inherent joy, laughter triggers a cascade of physiological responses that can alleviate stress, boost the immune system, and promote overall well-being. As ancient wisdom meets modern […]

Apr 04
Extravaganza: Celebrating Unity, Culture, and Joy

Eid al-Fitr: A Celebration of Faith and Community Eid al-Fitr, often referred to simply as Eid, is one of the most significant religious festivals observed by adherents of Islam worldwide. It marks the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community. This joyous occasion holds profound spiritual and cultural significance, symbolizing […]

Mar 01

Ramadan’s Harmony: Diverse Threads, One Celebratory Symphony As the crescent moon heralds the arrival of Ramadan, it brings with it a profound message of unity, transcending cultural and societal divides. Beyond religious affiliations, Ramadan stands as a festival for all, characterized by the spirit of giving and soul-cleansing. In diverse and cosmopolitan countries, the essence […]

Feb 01

Kidsprenuers: New kids on the block The idea of Mad Food Truck originated from the dreams of the youngest daughter, Maya. Since childhood, she harbored the ambition of opening a food truck, a dream that became a reality with the collaborative efforts of her siblings. This family-driven initiative has given rise to a unique culinary […]

Jan 01
A Renewed You: Crafting Your Path to Success and Fulfillment

Ahmed Yahya Al-Kindi: A Journey of Resilience and Innovation From the tender age of five, Ahmed Yahya Al-Kindi faced a world of silence. His hearing disability set him apart from his peers, marking the beginning of a journey filled with challenges and triumphs. Today, Ahmed stands as a testament to resilience and innovation, navigating the […]

Nov 30
Enchanting December: Exploring the Charms of Oman’s Winter

Winter Outdoors in Oman December in Oman is a captivating blend of mild weather, cultural festivities, and diverse landscapes. The Sultanate’s temperatures, ranging from 18°C to 25°C, create a serene atmosphere for outdoor exploration. The National Day celebrations spill into December, offering a glimpse into Omani traditions with vibrant parades, music, dance, and local delicacies. […]

Nov 01
Oman: Celebrating The Present, Shaping The Future

On the occasion of Oman’s National Day, it is essential to recognize and celebrate the remarkable progress and contributions of the Omani banking sector to the nation’s economic growth and development. Over the years, the Omani banking sector has witnessed significant transformation and expansion. It has evolved into a robust and sophisticated financial ecosystem, offering […]

Sep 15
Discover Europe’s Top Must-Visit Destinations

From Paris to Santorini, Barcelona, and Amsterdam Europe is a continent steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty, offering a plethora of incredible destinations for travellers to explore. While it’s challenging to narrow down the top places to visit in Europe, four stand out as must-see destinations: Paris, France: Known as the “City of Love” […]

Sep 07
International Day of Charity: Inspired by Mother Teresa

Ways to Make a Meaningful Impact Inspired by Mother Teresa International Day of Charity, observed on September 5th each year, serves as a reminder of the profound impact individuals and organisations can make through acts of kindness and generosity. This day holds special significance as it coincides with the anniversary of the passing of Mother […]