Season Of Love ♡

From theatre to life in general, from Shakespeare’s infamous satire Romeo & Juliet to the character of Uncle Ben in the Spiderman movie. It all shows that love is one of the most important things people throughout history have shared in common. It also goes to show that different kinds of love exist and it can be expressed in a million different ways.

Back in the day people worked tirelessly to afford just a loaf of bread that needed to be shared with 7-10 members of their family. They had to plough the fields and through the sweat of their brows ensured they could weather the long winter. Fathers could be working at sea for months at a time and still have a home to come to. Concerned mother would wait months for a letter informing her that her son was alive while he was out fighting for the country. I suppose because of such hardships virtues were held in higher esteem than money alone.

For instance, a man was only as good as his word, so much so that business transactions were concluded with merely a verbal agreement and the shake of a hand. Young Children were taught the weight of their words, the importance of considering others more highly than themselves, and the consequences of their actions. Even if the opinions of elders and society were harsh it was received with the utmost respect.

Since then, the world has come a long way, much to the benefit of technology. The waiting period for anything has been shortened drastically – you can now place orders for foods of various cuisines and rest assured that they would be dropped off at your doorstep. Children of the present day are quick to voice their concerns and rarely cower at an elder’s rebuke without having something to say in return.

Some may say the current generation is more materialistic and have a lack of concern. If it is inconvenient, disrupts their comfort zone and does not cater to their ambitions then it is considered unimportant. This is evident in the recent numbers showing how many elderly people have been placed in old-age homes.

Another example would be in the types of gifts awarded to young children as and when they want them. Social media is a platform that documents these events well. Luxuries such as grand birthdays, the trendiest smart devices, and trips to theme parks abroad. Every parent wants to offer luxuries they did not experience and there is nothing wrong with that.

Sending a message of love and expressing it appropriately is very important. This has never been easier than today. You can express affection by rewarding someone you care about with words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time &  physical care.

In the Sultanate of Oman, words are of utmost importance, Several successful and long-lasting businesses had started with verbal agreements. Traditions and cultures in the Sultanate celebrate everyday living by being in the service of others. After all, Oman is known for their kindness and hospitality. Similarly, the act of gifting is deeply laced in Omani culture just as much as joy and affection are expressed physically through their warm greetings of one another.

Considering this month is the season of love, let the people you care about know how much they mean to you by gifting them something that expresses your thoughts. This Valentine’s shower them with love by gifting them:

If you think your thoughts are expressed better through something other than a physical gift. Then you could be of service to them instead by providing for their needs. One of the most overwhelming feelings is when someone close to you knows exactly what you are going through and is sensitive to your needs even before you say it.

Taking time out of your busy schedules so you can spend quality time with friends & family is another way to express care. What better way to do that than over something fun like food & drinks that allow you to catch up?

This month let us celebrate the season of love by paying it forward in love.